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I'm vegan, I loves going on food adventures. If you like to peep into my adventure times, please visit Mimi NomNom, where food is the biz and cakes are often freshly baked.


that face!

Meeting friends


how cute is he


Flat vs Realism



It’s Christmas. Celebrate with some tiny dancing men!

My Christmas table

This is amazing. An incredibly realistic painting of Morgan Freeman - created on an iPad with just one finger!

By artist Kyle Lambert

Telspec - a little device that detects chemicals, allergens and calories in food! This is some amazing innovation.

THIS is intense! And so much fun to watch.

A massive warehouse + unlimited paint = pure awesome

100,000 Facebook likes for @Kidspot

Data has never looked so beautiful <3

This was a great read.

Technology is shining back on us. We made it, and now it is making us